abdominal ultrasound scan

Ultrasound imaging of the abdominal region uses sound waves to produce images of the internal structure within the upper abdomen.

An abdominal ultrasound scan is a noninvasive procedure that produces images of soft issues around main organs in the abdominal area, which often do not show up clearly on X-rays. This procedure does not use ionizing radiation so there is no radiation exposure, enabling a safe and straightforward procedure.


A general abdominal scan is a great opportunity for you to have peace of mind that all of your internal organs are healthy and normal.

An private abdominal ultrasound scan can be used to establish any soft tissue abnormalities in the right upper quadrant, gallbladder, liver, kidneys pancreas, biliary system, spleen and central blood vessels.

Our team of clinical experts will ensure that your experience during the scan is as comfortable as possible. A cool gel is applied to the abdomen, and a probe is used to scan images of the internal organs. The gel used helps the probe to make secure contact with the abdomen and eliminate air pockets between the probe and the skin that can block the sound waves from passing into your body. The images are transmitted to a monitor for immediate viewing.


The scan procedure is completely safe and painless, unless you may have had tenderness beforehand, in which case you may feel slight discomfort. Our radiographer will ensure that the pressure of the probe is reduced should you feel discomfort at any time during your scan.


Preparation for the General Abdominal Scan is quite minimal so that you can be as relaxed as possible.  In order to see all of the abdominal organs clearly the sonographer asks that you do not eat anything from 6 to 8 hours before your appointment.  You will be allowed to drink fluids however these must be clear liquids only such as water or tea, but no milk is allowed.



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